CDMA 1xRTT voice and data module in LISA form factor

LISA-C200 CDMA 1xRTT moduleThe LISA-C2 series provides dual-band CDMA2000 1xRTT data and voice communication in a compact SMT form factor. They are fully qualified and certified modules, featuring extremely low power consumption and a rich set of Internet protocols.

LISA-C2 modules are ideally suited to M2M and automotive applications such as: Fleet management, Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), people and asset tracking, surveillance and security and Point of Sales (PoS) terminals.


  • Dual-band CDMA2000 1xRTT 800 MHz/1900 MHz
  • SMT form factor, extremely small foot-print, 22.4 x 33.2 x 2.7 mm
  • Pin/pad compatible with u-blox LISA W-CDMA and LEON GSM/GPRS data modules
  • USB 2.0 and serial interfaces
  • 27.010 MUX support
  • Sprint, Verizon and Aeris approvals


  • CDMA2000 1xRTT 800/1900 MHz (Sprint and Verizon bands)
  • 153 kb/s forward/reverse
  • Embedded UDP/IP, TCP/IP and HTTP
  • 3GPP 27.010 MUX protocol
  • Voice call support
  • Text mode SMS
  • Network OTA provisioning, software maintenance and device management (OTASP, OTAPA)
  • Firmware upgrade Via USB


Product Documentation

Evaluation Kit EVK-C20  and Documentation

Application Notes


  • FCC, IC, CCF, Verizon, Sprint, Aeris. For more details, or copies of the certificates, contact u-blox.

How to buy

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