Industrial applications

Fleet management and asset tracking

Keeping accurate track of valuable assets via global positioning streamlines your supply chain. Whether for fleet management, vehicle recovery, locating people or shipments, u-blox has the right embedded positioning and wireless M2M solutions that combine high-sensitivity, small size and low power consumption with industrial temperature range. u-blox’ asset tracking solutions let you combine positioning with the power to communicate over the world’s largest mobile network.

Remote monitoring and control

Our embedded GSM, UMTS, CDMA and LTE modules support a diverse range of machine-to-machine applications such as remote automation and control, remote metering, security systems, vending machines, digital signage, point of sales terminals and eHealth devices.

Precision timing
Our GNSS precision timing technology provides a precision reference clock accurate to 15 billionth of a second to support time-critical applications such as synchronization of distributed computer systems and mobile base-stations.


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