EVK-L10, EVK-L11 TOBY-L1 LTE evaluation kits

The EVK-L10 evaluation kit provides a simple, flexible and ready-to-use environment for evaluating u-blox’ TOBY-L1 LTE wireless modules, as well as for designing and testing wireless and GPS applications. The kits are very user-friendly, providing a USB interface for development, testing and tracing.

Ordering information:
EVK-L10-00S: u-blox 4G LTE evaluation kit for TOBY-L100 (for Verizon, USA)

Further information: Product Summary, EVK-L10 evaluation kit: User Guide
How to order: contact u-blox sales.


  • u-blox 4G LTE wireless technology
  • Easy to use
  • Simple access to all pins and features of the wireless module
  • Extensive visualization and evaluation features
  • 1 USB port

Kit includes:

  • Evaluation board with TOBY-L100 4G LTE and u-blox GNSS receiver module
  • USB cable
  • 2 Wireless LTE antennas
  • GPS antenna
  • Power adaptor
Multi-technology support: the EVK-L10 evaluation kit can be easily re-configured to support other u-blox wireless modules: simply plug in a different adapter board (sold separately) to instantly support either SARA-G350 GSM, LISA-U1 or LISA-U2 W-CDMA modules using the same motherboard. For more information about wireless adapter boards, click here.

To order the EVK-L10, contact the u-blox sales representative nearest you.