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u-blox’ proprietary KickStart technology delivers the world’s fastest acquisition of even the faintest GPS satellite signals. Based on a massively parallel search architecture, all u-blox’ GPS receiver products implement optional and complementary technologies to achieve the right cost/performance trade-off for your application:
  • standard products with low-cost crystal: for cost sensitive, mass market products
  • with KickStart and TCXO: for higher-performance applications. Combined with AssistNow, top-of-the-line GPS performance can be achieved with the world’s fastest Time-To-First-Fix of less than 1 second.

With KickStart, the benefits to manufacturers of GPS products are clear. Your products will:
  • deliver GPS services faster and more reliably than your competitors
  • demonstrate superior ability to find and lock onto GPS satellites, even in the most demanding environments: cities, and indoors
  • reliably operate with small antennas allowing sleeker and more compact designs (i.e. PNDs, Smartphones)
  • be suitable for covert installations (i.e. for security devices, asset tracking and vehicle recovery)
In each application segment, GPS products based on the u-blox 5 and u-blox 6 platforms are guaranteed to deliver the best performance and optimal cost/performance ratio for your product’s market sector.

Compare the performance of KickStart yourself with evaluation kits EVK-6H (with KickStart) and EVK-6P (without KickStart).

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